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Oil, Gas, and Mining LogoThe purpose of Oil, Gas, and Mining is to provide a high-quality, interdisciplinary forum that covers emerging technologies and best management practices for environmental protection. Papers will be drawn from all scientific and engineering disciplines relevant to oil, gas, and mining: petroleum engineering, mining engineering, geology, biology, chemistry, computer science, environmental science, transportation, among others. Our academic authors will write in a jargon free manner that readily translates current research findings into easily understood articles that improve industry practice in the protection of soil, water, and air. Our industry professional authors will develop articles that focus on applications of technologies, products, and services that similarly improve environmental practice.

An additional mission of Oil, Gas, and Mining is to serve the many men and women working in what can often be the world’s most challenging and dangerous conditions. A number of articles, then, will be devoted to their wellbeing and safety. Other articles will be intended to cover important news events affecting their industry. Finally, a number of articles will be devoted to the lifestyle and culture of oilfield and mining work—the sacrifice, courage, and indomitable spirit of these workers is ultimately what makes any field operation successful and their lives are deserving of our full attention.


Oil, Gas, and Mining will explore all topics relevant to best industry practice. A primary goal will be to provide articles that help companies eliminate or severely limit the prospects for environmental damage.

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February 21, 2018
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