Editorial Guidelines

Full length papers should not be submitted until the receipt and acceptance of a preliminary paper description that clearly lays out the purpose of the paper, key topics to be discussed, and how the paper will positively affect industry practice.  These preliminary “proposals” should not exceed 500 words.  The staff at Oil, Gas, and Mining will provide feedback to the paper author(s) as to the suitability of their proposed piece for publication.  Please submit these preliminary paper descriptions to the attention of the Publisher at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Oil, Gas, and Mining will favor the publication of papers that exhibit a rigorous approach to the explanation and description of key processes, guidelines, technologies employed, and all relevant aspects of key paper topics. It is essential that papers are clearly written and grammatically correct.  Papers should not have been published previously, and authors will be required to sign a copyright release form prior to publication certifying this fact. Download the Copyright Release PDF.

All submitted papers will be reviewed by the staff of Oil, Gas, and Mining.  Papers can be rejected based on the suitability of the proposal, and a negative review of full length papers that is not altered by subsequent revision may also lead to rejection of a paper.  Revisions, with or without re-review are often required.  

The following subsections describe required and/or suggested components to be included in the structure of papers submitted to Oil, Gas, and Mining.

Front Matter

Include a title for the paper of no more than 100 characters, including spaces between words.  Authors should be listed sequentially by full name, with any professional registrations or other designations abbreviated after each name.  A footnote should be included for each author listing his or her title, organization, and contact information.


Include an introduction of no more than 300 words that describes the problem or question addressed in the paper, the scope of the work and approach taken, and the key conclusions or major findings.  It should be written for a technical audience of experienced industry experts and should avoid domain specific jargon.


Submit a short list of key words that capture the most essential topics of the paper. The list should not exceed ten words.


The length for papers submitted to Oil, Gas, and Mining is approximately 6,000 words.  Special exceptions may be made for papers on topics that cannot be sufficiently addressed within these limitations.  Publication standards of the American Society of Civil Engineers, MLA, and the Chicago Manual of Style are all excellent resources to be consulted for issues such as notation, units, and proper citation references.  The inclusion of artwork--photographs, line drawings, tables, and graphs--is encouraged to help support the narrative.  

File Submission

Accepted papers for publication ought to be submitted as a Word file and PDF with all artwork and captions placed in the text in a location that the authors find most instructive.  Additionally, all art files should be sent in their original formats—JPEGS, TIFF, EPS, EXCEL, or any other file format.  The redundancy allows our design team to pick and choose among elements to produce the best looking final pages.  It is not the responsibility of the authors to design final page layouts.  This is done by the staff at Oil, Gas, and Mining.  All files may be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


Oil, Gas, and Mining will explore all topics relevant to best industry practice. A primary goal will be to provide articles that help companies eliminate or severely limit the prospects for environmental damage.

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