Celebrating Oilfield Workers in Song

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Trace Adkins worked six years on an oil rig
Trace Adkins worked six years on an oil rig.

According to Energy Tomorrow, 9.8 million Americans are directly involved in the oil and gas industry but where is the music celebrating their lives? You wouldn’t have to look far for country music about cowboys but are there nearly ten million of them?

Trace Adkins, a former drilling rig worker, has a fleeting reference to his time in the field and begins his Missing You with the following lines:

An hour into my shift
I’m covered from head to toe
Drilling oil from the bottom
Of the Gulf of Mexico

This doesn’t mean songs saluting oilfield work are not out there. Here are some YouTube videos to enjoy. Some of these artists are well known but Evan Smith is a young, soulful artist that we hope to hear a lot more from. Follow the links and enjoy:

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