How to Design a Net-Zero-Energy Solar Building (NSESB) for Mining or Oil and Gas Projects in China's Datong Region

Written by Changhai Peng, Wei Shen, and Xi Xi on . Posted in Mining

How to Design a Net-Zero-Energy Solar BuildingIt has been shown that solar energy can provide power to mining companies and become an important part of the energy supply to a large mine. This paper discusses an innovative application for implementing a net-zero-energy solar building NZESB in Datong mining or oil and gas projects. The innovative designs involve integrated architectural design, including passive solar design (respecting climatic characteristics and conducting integrated planning based on the environment, building orientation, distance between buildings, building shape, ratio of window area to wall area, and building envelope), and active solar design (integration of the solar-energy-collecting end of the system—collectors and PV panels—with the building surface—roof, wall surfaces, balconies, and sun-shading devices—and the integration of solar-energy transfer and storage equipment with the building). Some Datong-specific applications on NZESBs are suggested. A conclusion can be drawn that mining or oil and gas projects can use NZESBs to solve energy needs in Datong area if its geography, climate and buildings are exploited correctly.

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