The Importance of Hand Protection: Superior Gloves Offer a Superior Product

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The Importance of Hand Protection
Superior Gloves offer workers superior protection for hand safety.

Gloves are one of the best known pieces of protective clothing with a rich and storied history that reaches back to the birth of modern civilization.  Ancient Egyptian boxers wore wrappings to protect their hands, and medieval knights and archers wore many types of gloves from leather finger guards to heavy metal gauntlets.  Baseball gloves made an appearance to protect players' hands in the late 1870's.  Doug Allison, a catcher for the Cincinatti Red Stockings, is the first player known to wear a glove in 1870.  And in 1875, Charlie Wait, a first baseman for St. Louis, was reported to wear a glove--not at all surprising that catchers and first basemen would be the first ball players to recognize the value of hand protection.

Fast forward to modern industry and the wearing of protective gloves is commonplace to protect workers from a variety of potential hand injuries:  cuts, abrasions and contusions; heat burns; electrical burns; harmful chemical exposure; just to name a few risks.  Of crucial importance is to use the right glove to protect against the type of risks involved with the work you are doing.  Leather, canvas or metal mesh gloves may prove most effective against cuts, burns and punctures; insulating rubber gloves may offer better protection against electrical hazards; while working with chemicals may demand the use of liquid resistant gloves.  There is no substitute, though, for being acutely aware of your company's safety policies and the safety precautions associated with any particular task or materials or machines and tools in use.  The United States Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration offers rigorous guidance regarding personal protection equipment and hand protection at  While there are limits to any protective gear as pressures, heat, levels of toxicity, etc., climb to extreme levels, hopefully, wearing protective gloves will prevent injury from the more commonplace and less extreme workplace risks and save your all important fingers and hands from abuse--Gloves are truly a low cost solution to keep you safe!

In preparation for this article the staff at Oil, Gas, and Mining reached out to a top innovator in glove protection technology.  Superior Glove has been striving to create innovative products that improve the workday of their customers since 1910.  In addition to producing gloves with enhanced protection performance, Superior Glove also pays close attention to other critical factors that make work gloves a success--ergonomics, material-to-weight ratio, and superior grip.  An extremely useful resource can be found via Superior Glove's selector tool at that allows the user to narrow their selection to gloves specific to their work duties.  Gloves are sorted by hazard and by industry and detailed technical specifics are provided.  For the past six months the staff here at Oil, Gas, and Mining have taken Superior Glove's Clutch Gear Anti Impact Mechanics Glove and the Endura Oilbloc Goatskin Kevlar-Lined Anti Impact Driver Gloves home to do various tasks and rated their performance.  Both gloves were deemed to be extremely comfortable to wear and to have saved users' fingers from numerous, errant hammer blows and cutting tasks.  The Clutch Gear Anti Impact Mechanics Glove seemed better suited for tasks requiring excellent grip and dexterity--think of manipulating a screwdriver for instance.  While the Endura Oilbloc Goatskin Gloves were great for grosser manipulations of tools--think swinging an axe or shoveling.  The Endura Oilbloc Goatskin Gloves made for excellent winter gloves as they provided the wearer with extreme comfort and warmth at low temperatures.  In fact, the Publisher of Oil, Gas, and Mining became so infatuated with the look, style and feel of the Endura gloves that they became his go-to gloves over winter, and he wore them to the office daily.  Who says safety and style can't go hand-in-hand.  Be safe out there!

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