Wastewater Recycling Key To Growth of Shale Gas Industry

Written by Richard Magnus on . Posted in Volume 1 - Issue 1

Before and after samples of drilling wastewater and pure distilled water after treatment.

Throughout history, the rise and fall of civilizations often can be linked to how they managed their water. Because there is no substitute for this life-sustaining resource, it is incumbent on modern society to avoid depleting and contaminating our finite water supply for ourselves and future generations.

Water resources worldwide are rapidly approaching capacity for human consumption alone. Meanwhile, the shift to unconventional energy production — essential to the extraction of the planet’s abundant natural gas reserves—has created an enormous demand for fresh water supplies which, in turn, produces huge volumes of contaminated wastewater unsuitable for environmental discharge.

This “perfect storm” of shrinking supply, increasing demand, and the conversion of fresh water into wastewater has created an urgent need for innovative water management solutions in today’s rapidly expanding development of shale gas. Many experts have noted that perhaps no issue presents a greater threat to the energy industry’s long-term prosperity than its approach to the challenges of water management. 

Fortunately, cutting-edge technologies and practices have been developed to transform liabilities into assets by recycling hard-to-treat wastewater into reusable fresh water. This dramatically reduces costs to industry while creating an environmentally sustainable water cycle.

Calgary-based Aqua-Pure Ventures, Inc. (TSXV: AQE) has emerged as a leading player in this field thanks to its patented and proprietary technologies initially developed in the oil sands of Alberta and later introduced to, and refined in, shale fields across the United States.

The Company recently extended its industry-leading position by joining forces with Select Energy Services, a $1 billion Houston-based company dedicated to delivering innovative and efficient end-to-end water solutions and well-site services to energy producers. Aqua-Pure’s U.S.-based oilfield services arm, Fountain Quail Water Management, and Select formed a new company, FQS Venture, LLC, which combines the two companies’ technologies, resources, sales teams and expertise for the purpose of developing opportunities for wastewater recycling in the North American oil and gas industries. FQS Venture is now a formidable player in the wastewater treatment industry, capable of servicing multiple operators in virtually every shale and conventional oil and gas field across the continent.

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